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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fashion & Music - Jessie J Wears Hannah Marshall in New Price Tag Video

Jessie J in Hannah Marshall Clothing
The UK's leading vocalist Jessie J recently unveiled  the new video for her second single release Price Tag, sporting an all in one signature black ensemble from rising British Fashion designer Hannah Marshall's latest collection.  The video, directed by Emil Nava is a tongue in cheek parody featuring larger than life objects and artefact's symbolising the materialistic world that we have all in someway succumb to whether consciously or unconsciously. Nava himself commented that he wanted to show, "things that are larger than life, but don’t really matter. It’s sort of like this hyper-real, sort of toy world with Jessie bringing a fashion edge to it.”

For the record and in my opinion, the video is very much in a league of its own from any other video out there at the moment. Check it out for yourself via the link below and let me know what you think!

On a fashion note, if you fancy having a browse or a purchase of Hannah Marshall's futuristic, fashion-forward designs have a peek  here: http://www.hannahmarshall.com/ 

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